What is yourMD Direct Primary Care?

yourMD™ Direct Primary Care is a patient/physician relationship that is more personalized and accessible than what most are familiar with today in a traditional fee for service clinic.  For an affordable monthly membership fee that covers 85-90% of primary health care services, the yourMD™ Direct Primary Care physician works only for the patient by offering 24/7 appointment times,  including the option of remote appointments using digital technology, more comprehensive visits, and ultimately a higher quality of care.

The Benefits of Joining yourMD

  • Low Monthly Memberships Fees for Individuals and Families
  • Extended 45 - 90 Minute Physician visits
  • Never a Copayment
  • Traditional hours, after hours, secure virtual visits
  • Onsite Pharmacy
  • Most Laboratory Services Included
  • Minor Procedures Performed and Included
  • Care Coordination with Other Providers

yourMD has a Membership For Everyone

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